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magaine logo Club Med
ELLE, October 2008

One woman sounds off on our pill-popping culture.

magaine logo “The End of the Beginning”
ELLE, February 2001

After the frenzied lust wears off, what follows: deep attachment or Splitsville? Cathi Hanauer looks at her own marriage throught the developing science of love.

magaine logo “A Bed of One's Own”
MIRABELLA, October 1999

Why would a woman choose to spend the night on a small cot when she could sleep in a comfy queen-size with her husband? Because she can.

magaine logo “The Calm After the Storm: Turning 40”

As a person who’s always craved life’s extremes, I wasn’t thrilled about becoming middle-aged. But then someone told me your 40s are the best years, when you finally coast after years of pedaling uphill.

magaine logo “Don't Listen to the Shoulds”
BABYTALK, December/January 2006

Each time I watch Phoebe, my 10-year-old daughter, soar down the soccer field, I wonder: Is it possible it’s been a decade since we first brought her home, that chubby-cheeked human doll in a hat?

magaine logo “Her Inner Jersey Girl”

If it's true you can never go home again, it's got to be equally true you can never really leave.

Introduction to The Bitch in the House
excerpted from The Bitch in the House, William Morrow/HarperCollins, 2002

This book was born out of anger—specifically, my own domestic anger, which stemmed from a combination of guilt, resentment, exhaustion, naivety, and the chaos of my life at the time.

“Breastfeeding: The Agony and the Ecstacy”
from Child of Mine, edited by Christina Baker Kline (Hyperion, 1997)

Before I got pregnant, and then once I did, I imagined motherhood something like this: I'm sitting in a rocker in an earth-colored robe smiling down at my baby, who is lying in my arms, mouth fastened to my breast, dreamily nursing away.

Cathi Hanauer